Happy NaBloPoMo

So happy NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where people try and blog everyday for a month. Since I've been so incredibly laz about posting this year I've decided to try it again. I'm sure it's gonna be full of nonsense, as usual, but it makes me feel better about myself most of the time and I think i really have things i need to get out of my head.


This whole year was quite a whirlwind starting around July when we started to do art fairs and such. At one point in time i think we went 6 weekends in a row or something. Banshee and i were spending more time together than with our respective hunnees. I didn't get things done online that i wanted, our house is STILL a mess, and all that work seems almost for naught cuz the last few shows were sincerely sucktastic.

i have a couple of craft shows coming up locally which i'm excited about and i'm also working on my product during the off season so i'm not frantically trying to make things at the last minute and losing product as a result. let's hope it works.


Last week on Wed was my bday and it was amazing! i asked a few friends to go to mongolian bbq in dearborn for dinner with it being open as to what we were gonna do afterwards (i wanted trivia but it didn't work out) Dinner was awesome and after a few of us went to the local Eagles club and played pool and shuffleboard. so much fun!!! I had a little too much to drink, but surprisingly didn't feel badly the next day.


Over the weekend i had 2 halloween parties to go to. I dressed as a Lions fan ("an endangered species") and had way too much fun!!! Even tho money was really tight this weekend we managed okay. Of course I didn't win any prizes (i still call shenanigans at the 2 bars we went to cuz there were far better costumes than the ones that won - especially my friends Jon no H and Jforce. people suck)

Hubby went as Capt. Spaulding. He was so scary his picture broke banshee's phone and she can't send picture mail anymore. eeeeek!!!!!!!!


So happy NaBloPoMo and here's hoping I can keep it up and make sense of everything.

OH!!!! And I'm also gonna work on my short story this month - who knows! I might actually finish it! There's no way i can do a novel for NaNoWriMo tho.

(edit: this was supposed to be published yesterday but apparently i hit "save now" instead of "publish post" and didn't catch the snafu until today when i came to write my 2nd post of the month - apologies)


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