starting my nails again

I have received 2 nail polishes in my birchbox/ipsy recently,  so I guess it's time to start trying to grow them out again.  so here they are With the 2 new polishes.  wish me luck.


Yes I'm back

I have all these things in my head lately since I actually have time on my hands.  WCT's Production of Rocky Horror was very successful.  and I am very lucky to have been able to commit so much time and energy to it,  thanks to my husband Being so supportive and my friends putting up with my crazy ass. 

during the show rehearsals etc,  I said something to my mom during a phone call.  I said that everyone has a story.  And it's true. everyone experiences everything differently.  we all have a unique perspective on happenings in our life.  and in this day and age of social connectivity,  we should share those perspectives.  maybe it would help everyone to understand everyone else. 

or at least it could be a start.

anyway,  I want to share my voice.  again.  I want to start to tell my story.  past,  present,  and future. 

with a smattering of TV,  movies, books, Abs tasteless jokes. 



It's been over a week

So I know I posted about growing my nails out.  Well,  I bit them all off again shortly after that posting.  Nerves.  Sleepiness.  Idk.

But I'm happy to report that I have not bitten my nails in a little over a week.  I bought some other "help grow nails" stuff that you slather on twice a day (at least) that I paint on when I'm feeling an urge to pick or Bite. 

And today they were long enough to use a file on to even out. 

Yay me!!!

I'm hoping in another week,  with the growing nails stuff I have,  I may actually be able to paint them again. 


It's been a rough day

I found out late last night that a dear friend is suffering poor health and may not live long.  He's younger than I. I've known him since around 1996, so almost 20 years.  I am devastated.

Also today was the funeral of the baby sister of a friend I've known since 2 nd grade (off and on). She was 34 and mother of 4 girls,  all under 10. My heart aches for that family.  If I lost my baby sister (who is close to the same age) I would be inconsolable.

I've been crying off and on all night and day. 

I'm really afraid I might slip into a dark place emotionally.  I didn't expect the funeral to hit me so hard. All I can do is hope for the best.  And remember to take my happy pills.


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