Day #3

So we ran out of black ink for our printer which means i'm a little behind in bottlecapping - no biggie tho - if i don't have a gazillion more ready for saturday then i just take what i have - i have quite a bit still cuz the Huron Applefest was teh suck.


Feeling a little better today. I get like that every once in awhile. I really miss being able to do all the things i used to do before. I can't do anything unless someone else wants to do it with me and it makes me sad and a little frustrated. And i take it out on the house (which is seriously a disaster and i can't believe i'm living in this filth)

hubby tends to be very anti-social and when he comes home from work all he ever wants to do is watch tv (or movies) and maybe go to the local for a pitcher of beer. And that would possibly be fine ... but i spend all day cooped up in our house with only the interwebs to keep me company (and our cats) and I really miss being able to go and do things - even something as simple as running to the store for something i need. But i can't do those things cuz i don't have a drivers license. haven't had one since about 2004. And I don't even have a bike. So if i wanna go anywhere i have to walk. And currently it's cold outside and I'm not in the best shape to be walking anywhere. Plus since we live practically in Detroit I don't feel safe walking around at night - and since the time has changed nighttime falls around 6PM (if not sooner) so I would have to do all my walking early. And we all know I'm not an early kinda girl.

I really miss being able to go visit friends doing their things. For instance, I have a couple friends who are performing in westland thursday night. I can't go cuz it's before hubby gets off work. Another friend is playing with his band this weekend. Again - can't go cuz they play before hubby gets off work. And even if they played late, hubby doesn't get home on the weekends until around 11 or 12. And let's not even talk about the last time I was able to see my nephews or my niece (not counting my bday) I'm lucky they even remember me at all.

I know part of it is the price i pay for being a chef's wife. I can never plan anything on the weekends and even during the week things are iffy. Hell i was lucky to get him to take a night off for my bday (which killed us financially, but that's another story) and the rest is me not having my license. the problem lies in that it's so damn expensive for us to get my license that i just can't at this time. I really thought i was gonna be able to get it with the extra money from shows this year, but that just barely kept us afloat.


Hubby got his SS info newsletter thingy last week. You know, the one that tells you what your benefits would be if you died etc and how much you've paid into SSI since you started working? Well his work history income goes progressively up until 2006 (which is when he was working at the Holiday Inn as Exec chef - it was his top pay) and then 2007 shows a 20K drop in income (that's when he lost his job at the hotel). 2008 follows with another 10K drop. and 2009 is gonna be just as dismal when all is said and done.

Quite honestly it's a real miracle we've kept a roof over our head and food in our pantries. And through it all at least hubby has kept some kind of a job. We're trying to get help from the state and such, but since we don't have kids we don't have as many opportunities as others that we know do. Which sucks. It's almost like we're penalized for NOT procreating.

But enough about that. I'm not quite ready to go into massive details about anything.


So time to get back to bottlecaps and stuff. And maybe I'll straighten up the living room a little bit today so I'm not living in a pig sty anymore



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