Not feeling very festive

Usually Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Food, Football, Friends and lots of beer. What more could a girl like me ask for? We spend all Wednesday night getting things prepped for the big day (like cutting taters and brining the turkey etc) and then go out for some well deserved adult beverages before heading to sleep around 2am. Then it's up at 10 to put the bird in and have everything done by noon (yes I know we eat's due to football schedules....gotta have the food done before the games so we can watch them)

But this year I'm not that into it. I don't know why. And today is super worse in that I'm supposed to go to a Wings game tonight with someone from the bar and I totally don't wanna go. I know. I shouldn't turn down a game. But the weather is crap and it's just St. Louis (no offense Chicken) and I'd much rather stay home and try and continue the cleaning (it's gonna take every bit of the time I have to straighten up our house even remotely...we kinda let it go to put this week). Plus the guy that I'm going with told me that I HAVE to buy all the drinks tonight cuz he is providing the ticket. Yea. The last guy that went with him to a game spent over $50 in drinks alone. I don't have that kind of money.

And to top it all off I think I have fallen into a depression of sorts that I can't seem to break out of. I started crying on the phone to Kevin earlier and I had no reason whatsoever to cry. I was just talking and all of the sudden there were tears. And he's the best but he didn't know what to do or to say.

So I'm gonna jump in the shower and see if that makes me feel any better and try and figure out what I'm gonna do about the hockey game. The more I think about it the less I really want to go. And i hate that I'm gonna turn down a hockey game. I love the Wings. And I might not get to go to another one all year. But will it really be worth it to go tonight if I'm gonna spend way too much money that we don't have and be miserable? And did I mention the seats aren't that great and he already pissed me off asking me if I would be able to walk up all the stairs to get to the seats (they're section 206 row 14 ... so there's a fair amount of stairs to climb..and yes I'm overweight, but don't be a dick about it)

Yea, the more I think about it as I'm writing, the less I want to go. Now I just have to think of a good excuse. Maybe I got stuck downriver or maybe I have a family thing I forgot about ... I don't know but I have only about 45 minutes to come up with something good.

Any ideas?


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