How my Saturday/Sunday went

after getting up at the ungodly hour of 8am yesterday, I got ready, headed out the door with Kevin around9am and we braved a trip into the double A for our catering gig at the Masonic Temple on Stadium. It was a nightmare. Took us over an hour to get there, but we made it in one piece.

We worked well together. I chopped and helped prep and set the tables and Kevin did the major cooking (of course). We made salad (with 4 different dressing choices - Italian, Ranch, Poppyseed and Greek), Chicken piccata with roasted baby potatoes and a veggie medley, and for dessert a cherry crisp. Everyone raved about the food. Chances are we'll be catering the next business meeting as well. (FYI - The Ann Arbor Masonic Lodge is the one Kevin is a member of ... just in case you didn't know he's a Mason)

The clean up sucked. I'm suffering major backpains due to female issues, so I took some Pamprin but it didn't help and every 15 minutes or so I had to sit down I was in so much pain. But with the help of an automatic dishwasher (which gave me memories of when I worked in the dining hall in college) we managed to get everything cleaned up and stored away in about an hour and headed back to our side of town.

Got to Rouge Park around 4PM after stopping at the yarn store cuz they were having a major sale on yarns I needed for xmas gifts. Hung out with the fizzle and had some grilled cheese and played some megatouch before Vince got there to show me how to set up the karaoke equipment and run it. It's a decent system. Pretty simple to figure out.

The night went well. I sang ALOT and by the end of the night I had almost no voice left. People seemed to have a good time tho. I even got a request to sing Selena "bidi bidi bom bom" (in spanish) and had a bonding moment with a fellow Latino as a result. Kinda fun.

We ended the show around 12:30am, got everything put away and made it to the Box for last call where we met back up with JForce and Joel. Joel came back to the house and we chatted and watched movies until around 6am when I really had to go to sleep.

(BTW ... Joel's Bobbie arrives in the states next Monday and will be here in town next Tuesday!)

Woke up in time for the Lions game (surprisingly) only to watch them pathetically lose. Of course I'm used to that. Called Vince (the karaoke equipment guy) and he told me he was very impressed with how I presented myself and how I ran the show and announced things ... even told me he thought I was better than him. (that's what over 10 years of experience will do for you). We're supposed to meet up tomorrow so I can give him his monies from the show and maybe have lunch and chat.

Took a LONG napduring the Jets game (which they apparently won in OT) and then Kevin and I went to get Popeye's for dinner. Still watching New England stomp all over Buffalo right now but I'm thinking of going back to sleep pretty soon. It was a long day yesterday!

I have tons of cleaning to do tomorrow. Was gonna start it today but I didn't expect to be so tired and have so many sore muscles. I guess I'm just not used to standing so long anymore. And of course trivia tomorrow night (without the Fizzle ... she's up north with her parents)


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