New blog look

I went to a friend's blog and hers was so pretty i decided I should update my look. I'm not sure I'm sticking with this one, it's just the quickest purkle one i could find. And I like the cleanness of if.

Life's been meh lately. Not much to report. Last Thursday i had way too much fun at darts and I loved it!!! I can't wait to do that again!!! M and I were messing with a guy on the league - cutie and married and a BABY!!! He was born in 1983!!!! But it was fun and we had fun and it's all good. Should make for an interesting tomorrow tho lol.

We've been working for days on getting the deposit down to our new landlord and nothing seems to go right. Sunday our car died (luckily we got it home free of charge the next day). Monday hubby was supposed to fix the brakes on our other car cuz they're going bad and they're all wonky and needed a tool he didn't have. Yesterday he couldn't work on them at all cuz it's Prime Rib night and he gets crazy busy. So he got the tool he needed today and is gonna work on them tomorrow (weather permitting). We were gonna send the deposit home with my mom but she forgot the envelope at work so it looks like tomorrow he'll get it. Which is fine cuz that's the 1st anyway. And luckily he's cool with it all. As he said "life happens"

Right now I'm trying to motivate to pack our house up. It's not going as well as I hoped. Gonna try harder tomorrow. I figure if I can dedicate at least an hour or so a day it should go fairly quickly. I'm no good at going through things tho. Everyone says "just throw stuff out" but I'm a pack rat. Not a hoarder, just a pack rat who keeps items with sentimental value and things I "may use" someday. So this whole thing hard for me.

And combine that with fair season coming up. I'm stressing about finding and applying for shows as well as being able to afford them. I can't afford NOT to do shows, but I'm finding I can't afford to pay for them in advance right now. Guess I gotta get off my butt and do some promoting of my shop to get funds.

We are gonna do a show next month at the Rouge again, which should be cool. And I might try and sneak in one more show at the Toy Box. That will help eventually. If i could only find someone who would be willing to pay for us up front and then we could pay them back at the show that would be awesome.

Gotta go. I need to find something to make for dinner and watch a little tv as i crochet some scarves.


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