So much to say!!!

I always want to blog and i always forget. Plus with trying to motivate to pack and stuff time just slips away from me. But i wanted to let anyone who reads this silly thing know I'm still alive and well. just kinda busy.

earlier today I skyped with my sister and my new niece! I love her so much! She was awake at the beginning and fell asleep about 15 minutes in, but i got to see her pretty eyes. And man can she sleep! The only downside was my camera froze up so they couldn't see me and I can't find my new mic headset so i had to type which kinda sucked. But i could hear them, so that made it enjoyable for me.

Seriously she's such a pretty little baby! She's got a full head of hair and her mom's nose! I love it! I can't wait to meet her when they come to visit in June!!! so excited!!!!

Other than that just living life. trying to pack. We're making a big trip down to wyandotte next week with a crapton of boxes i guess. And gonna see how things are progressing with the apt renovations and stuff.

Last night was our last dart league night at the Box. I'm kinda sad. I love thursday night dart nights. So much fun! Altho last night was crazy! All kinds of testosterone going on in the bar. Since it was the last night there was serious jockeying for position. Ended up with a 3 way tie for 2nd and I *think* that means I'm in 3rd (5th actually) so I might get a decent payout. We'll see. I made the 1st place guy promise me a shot next week lol.

My friend M and I were talking about our topless dancing days last night too. Wednesday I went with some friends to visit her at work. She's a cook at a topless bar. Told her it brought back a load of memories and I was tempted to go out and buy some 6 inch heels ;) Well she just happened to have some in her car (don't ask why) and they were my size so i tried them on. It was a little weird. But, like she said, it was just like riding a bicycle. It came back so quickly. And I forgot how sexy a pair of high heels can make you feel. your posture is better and they really can make your legs look fabulous. Even chunky ones like mine lol. So I'm totally going out in a couple weeks and getting some so i can practice walking in them before going out in them - prolly not 6 inch - but definitely 3 or 4 inch at least.

What else? so much in my brain right now. really gonna miss the Box but gonna be so glad to be back in Wyandotte!!! really can't wait!!!!

and with that I think I'm gonna go have something for dinner. Leftover steak i think :)


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