i was supposed to post a part 2 - and i have a shitton to say and blog about - but everytime lately i sit down to blog things get all jumbled in my head and they all turn into mush and nothing comes out.

SO I guess I'll just try to get some of the jumbled things outta my head. And maybe tomorrow I"ll post part 2

watching American Idol right now and so pissed that Miley Cyrus is the mentor this week. I mean WTF?!? I know she's famous and stuff but i think they'd be better served with someone older and with much more experience. Really. It just annoys me. And my favorite Andrew Garcia is floundering and it makes me sad. He's brilliant and he needs to just stop trying to please people and start being himself. And I'm getting tired of Siobhan's screaming at the end of every song. She's not as captivating to me as Adam was last year (and yes I know he did the same thing)


Yesterday was the premiere of Dancing with the Stars and it rocked! They even gave 9s to someone on the first show!!! My faves are Niecy, Ochocinco and Nicole what's-her-face from the Pussycat Dolls. Erin Andrews was okay but she annoys me cuz she wouldn't even be there if it weren't for the peeping tom that put her in the news this past year. Altho she is with Maks who is sex in dance shoes. *sigh*

Buzz was adorable but he's also a dirty old man staring at Brooke Burke's boobage practically the whole time she was interviewing him after his dance. And Pamela Anderson might as well have been twirling around a stripper pole. Seriously she annoyed the fuck outta me. And it annoyed me more that hubby thought she wasn't that bad.


Had a slight meltdown last week on thursday during darts. First of all the day before I went to send someone on FB a message and when his name didn't pop up as I was filling out the "TO" field I went to his profile to find it said "add as friend". So i clicked it and sent a message along with it asking if he actually deleted me and what I did to make him delete me. I actually figured it was a FB glitch so i didn't think much of it until the next day when i went to check his profile and it said "add as friend" again (and usually it says "awaiting friend confirmation" until you get added) so I sent him a message AGAIN asking if it was a glitch and if not then what did i do to get deleted.

I finally got a reply from him. I was deleted on purpose. The reason? I used profanity in my status updates. And i used them twice in a week which showed "a pattern"  and since his kids read his FB and he didn't feel like explaining me he deleted me and about 20 other people.

So that pissed me off. I went on a profanity laden status update frenzy and vented to a couple good friends and this, combined with someone ignoring a text i sent them during dart league and an asshole constantly annoying the fuck out of me also during dart league (who normally i can brush him off cuz underneath his asshole-ness he's not a bad guy) I actually broke down and cried. So yea. Thursday sucked giant donkey balls.


moving day is getting very close. Part of me wishes we were just gonna stay in the house rent free for awhile longer but part of me really knows that we can't pass this apt up. It's perfect for us and it's gonna be amazing. so what if we have to struggle for a couple months. I'm not looking forward to packing tho. It's gonna be a rough road. I have to motivate myself. And since hubby isn't helping at all - well let's just say he better help pack stuff on sunday or i may lose it.


My baby sister is just 2 weeks from having her baby girl, Keira and I'm so sad I'm not there. And even sadder that I haven't sent her gifts down to her yet cuz I haven't finished 1 and can't yet afford the other. Her shower was fun tho. just wished that i could get the webcam working on our end. i couldn't remember the type of webcam i had so i couldn't dl the correct drivers for it. at least we had a mic so we could speak to her. and i took pics w/ my cell of all the gifts people brought instead of sending down to her and sent them in texts to her so she could see them.


Had great craft shows 2 weeks ago (the weekend of the Detroit St. Patty's parade) and made a decent amount of money, but sadly spent way too much on Sunday at the parade. Next year I hide money from myself ;)


Speaking of which, craft show season is upon us. I have 3 apps out and have to apply to about a gazillion more. Plus i might take part in Russell's once a month craft show if i can. I'm hoping I'm successful this year.


And I'm finally realizing that people i thought were my friends in HS ..... well ..... those relationships haven't translated into adulthood apparently and I'm just holding onto dreams and memories. And that makes me sad.


I think that's it. I shall go back to my scarf making for now. Only 3 piano scarves and 4 irish scarves to go.


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