seriously WTF?!?!

first of all welcome to blog334 (blog365 minus january lol)

So today I was watching Oprah. Normally I don't cuz she annoys the fuck out of me, but today was about "Undercover Boss" - the new show coming on CBS after the Superbowl next week and I really wanna see it so I did the Oprah thing.

They showcased 2 of the big dogs who worked for a week in their own companies - the C.O.O. from Waste management and the President (or something) for 7-11. Good choices and doubly so for me since i used to work for 7-11 and of course Waste management does our garbage.

The WM guy frigging ROCKED!!! he couldn't believe how some of the company practices had been butchered on the way down. For instance, he rode with a female garbage truck employee one day and learned that because they have such huge routes and strict time limits she has to pee in a can cuz she can't fit in pee breaks. That's frigging ridiculous!!!! So he's implementing change and working to re-work routes and scheduling. (which hopefully has already been put into practice)

Or another for instance was the 29 year old who worked at one of their landfills in CO. She did the work of about 6 people. He was overwhelmed at what she did and how she did it. And she even invited him into her home after only the first day of work so he could have a home-cooked meal with people since he was "new in town" and didn't know anyone. While there, he learned she took care of her family PLUS extended family (mom and dad and i "think" bro and sis-in-law) and she was in danger of losing her house IN SPITE of all the work she did cuz she just couldn't afford it. So he talked with her super and she got a new job title, a raise in salary and chances for bonuses if she did well. I call that amazing.

Switch to the 7-11 guy who, when learning one of the stores were throwing away donuts every night instead of donating them like 7-11 "encourages", told them to cut the cameras and refused to show anymore of their waste. When put up against the C.O.O. who allowed a woman with a "pee can" to be shown on national tv, well, to me that seems rather trivial.

Couple this with when he went to a store in NY where they sell 2,400 cups of coffee a DAY!!! He went to see what they were doing that was so different than other shops and "discovered" it wasn't anything but a woman who had worked there for 18 years. She was amazing and knew everyone by name and ran a super tight ship with coffee. Now, having worked super busy mornings at 7-11 myself I KNOW what it takes to do that and if you're new it's hard as hell! Add to this that she also only has 1 kidney and had to have dialysis 3 times a week and WOW! She's just amazing!!!

So the 7-11 guy and Oprah transmit via satellite to the NY store during the show and he tells her how awesome she is - so awesome he's giving her 2 season tickets to the Yankees she loves so much. And they're also donating $150K to a cause close to her heart - The kidney organ transplant organization (or something like that).


WM guy genuinely rewards the people he met with change and even a better job in recognition of how amazing they are. 7-11 guy gives frigging TICKETS and a donation in her name?!?!? And what if one of those games conflicts with her work schedule? or dialysis treatment? and let's not count in the fact that it costs frigging $20 to park, let alone all the extras if you want some. Seriously, she's better off selling those tickets for what she can and using the money to make her life better. I was flabbergasted. And he thought he was doing something good for her.

Now don't get me wrong. It's awesome they're donating to a worthy cause. I have a couple friends who have kidney issues and it's near to my heart as well. But give me a frigging paid vacation (which would have cost less) or a promotion or something that would actually show me that you appreciate me!!

so yea, just really pissed at 7-11 right now.


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