Looks like I might not have to go into the scary haunted house after all!!! If my mom doesn't get in touch with us today (or they can't go) we're heading to the drive in instead to see Saw IV and Resident Evil: Extinction!!! YAY!!!!!!

And I suppose I should go into depth about my haunted-house-a-phobia.

things are a little fuzzy, so bear with me, but back when I was about 8 the Wyandotte Jaycees haunted house was a couple of trailers behind Mr. C's ice cream shop on Northline & Electric in Wyandotte (there's an ice cream shop there again ... if you're from Wyandotte you know where that is, if not, it's not really an important detail to this story). I guess I was into scary stuff back then as well (Halloween was my favorite holiday for a long time cuz it's right by my bday) and my dad agreed to take me to that Haunted House. I remember being all excited! I felt like a big girl.

Now I don't remember if I had been in a haunted house prior to that year. But I remember this one vividly.

(actually .... I just got off the phone with my mom and she said I used to go to the Cedar Pointe Haunted House every year ... even after this traumatic event ... but that Haunted House was more like a Fun House and less like something scary. Anyone else remember that?)

I remember I went with my Dad. We walked into the trailer and the first thing I remember was a dining room with platters covered in domes on the dining table. Someone lifted the domes off the platters and there were moving human heads screaming and wailing. Kinda creeped me out, but not too badly. Then as we were moving into the 2nd room thru the hallway (i think there were only 3 rooms plus a long dark hallway) someone jumped behind us and started chasing us with a chainsaw. I ran in front of my Dad and ended up in front for the 2nd room, which was a cemetary. I don't remember anything scary in that room. Prolly cuz I was used to cemetaries. They weren't scary to me.

Moving onto the 3rd and last room was a set up behind a velvet rope. The scene would later be identified as that of Frankenstein in his laboratory. I don't think I knew that at the time, altho I must have had some kind of subconscious knowledge of the story.

I was standing close to the velvet rope right next to the exit door with my dad on my left for comfort and nothing but the exit on my right. I was totally oblivious to anything else around me but the scene in front. The mad scientist flicked the switch and strobes came on and suddently the GIANT creature begann to move towards us. No. not US. ME!!! I waited for what prolly was no more than 2 seconds but to me it felt like an eternity in slow motion. The creature kept getting closer and closer with his arms outstretched and was headed straight towards me.

I screamed, turn and ran out the door and waited for my dad to appear. I don't even think my feet touched the steps leading down from the trailer as I ran to the safety of outside.

After what felt like hours (but surely was only about 2 minutes) my Dad appeared and I think he was chuckling at me. I think he gave me a hug and we got ice cream and went home where i relayed the horror story of the haunted house to my mom.

And I had never been in a haunted house since. Until Niagra Falls at the insistence of my sister, brother and sister-in-law. But that is another story.


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