Over The Weekend

I had way too much fun for my birfday!

Saturday I had that wedding. It went well. It was very laid back. Kevin's family was cool. I did totally screw up in the very beginning cuz right after the bride and groom walked in (to Bach) I played Micheal Jackson "thriller". Suddently the "captain of the floor" came running over and told me that she was told that the bride didn't want that song and had SPECIFICALLY told us she didn't want it. Well, as anyone I had discussed this party with knows, they didn't give us ANY GUIDELINES regarding the music (except that they didn't like Justin Timberlake and stuff like that...which I don't think Thriller qualifies as)

So I stopped it and went over to regular music (motown, 50s etc) which went over okay. I got a couple requests for songs but nothing major all night. Joel came up and hung out with me for awhile. and helped keep me same during the whole thing. It definitely helped ^_^.

Afterwards we went home to pick up J. Force and then went to Somewhere in Wyandotte for karaoke and costume party. met up with da banshee, Joel, Les and my mom came in later. Also got to see the lawyer and his gorgeous bride. They had awesome costumes!!! I hope da banshee took pics of everyone cuz I totally forgot my camera.

Lots of fun and singing and drinking on saturday which carried over to my mom's house afterwards. Then it was up on Sunday for breakfast being cooked by Kevin and the Lions game (which we won!!!! YAY LIONS!!) J Force and I took turns catching cat naps during the game cuz we didn't get alot of sleep.

After the game it was back home where I talked to my sister and then took a 2 hour nap before heading to the Box for party 2!!! About as many people there as at Somewhere for me which was perfect! I got awesome gifts! and I drank about 7 Long Island Iced Teas!!!!! And I still walked out the door! Had Joel and Jason Stanley over the house for awhile had some more beers and then crashed somewhere around 6AM.

Resouperated all day Monday. Slept until almost4PM. Trivia Monday night (which we lost in the beer round).

Went out last night to play Halloween Trivia but the place we went to cancelled cuz it wasn't busy enough so we went to Michno's to hang out for a couple hours and then made an early night of it.

Tonight I'm heading to darts. Here's hoping I do better than last week.

And I'm gonna try and participate in NaBloPoMo this year *crosses fingers and toes*


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