Week in Review (part 2)

Joel and I spent alot of time talking about his weight loss, Plans with Bobbi when she comes to the states and their wedding etc.

I'm so proud of him. I guess Bobbie wanted him to lose weight before they got married and that was the incentive he needed to get to his physician and get on a plan. essentially the plan is some purchased products (shakes and entrees) and all the water you can drink combined with getting x amount of exercise a day (nothing outrageous tho...for Joel it's 210 calories burned a day which he measures out with his pedometer) He's drinking something like 100 oz. of water a day. HE says he feels like he's constantly eating or drinking. That's good tho.

I was sharing things that I've heard and he was sharing things he's been told, and they match up. Like, for instance, oftentimes when you think you are hungry, you're really thirsty and should drink water and it will get rid of that feeling. You should also try and eat every 4 hours or so. Sometimes people's problems are that they eat too little (and that is SO me!). He still has a ways to go to reach his goal weight, but if he continues on the way he's going he should reach it by the time Bobbie is approved and ready to come over to the states.

So when we left the buffet (totally stuffed on sushi and soup), we went to Dunham's and Joel got me a pedometer...the same one he's been using. I didn't use it until yesterday cuz my weekend was pretty slothly, but I have been drinking the water and, aside from having to use the bathroom all day, I'm feeling better. It's only been a couple days, but hopefully I'll at least keep up with the walking around the house and drinking water. I can add other stuff later once I see I can stick to this for awhile.


Joel's wedding plans deserve a whole blog themselves. Let's just say he's trying to incorporate as much of the Chinese traditions in to it as possible for Bobbie. Which thrills me. I love the whole Wedding Banquet tradition. Only difficulty may be the menu since, due to traditions, they often serve lobster, whole roast suckling pig, amongst others.

I have spoken to Bobbie and emailed her (altho not recently) and I really like her. I'm so excited for him!


Saturday night we went to Somewhere bar and no grill in Wyandotte to meet up with RHS alums, sing and have some adult beverages. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Elizabeth was there, of course, and Mark Brown and his wife Heather, me and Kevin and Elizabeth's beau Les was running karaoke. There was also another alum but I can't remember his name (i'm sorry ) he was so cool tho cuz he likes Bruce campbell!! You are automatically cool when you like Bruce Campbell.

Which, btw, led to the funniest quote of the night. Elizabeth told me that Mark didn't know who Bruce Campbell was, so I called him on it and he said "isn't he a hockey player?" Yea. I almost died laughing! Gotta love it!

He sounded wonderful singing! still has a great voice! I hope to get together with him again soon. He's planning on moving to Ontario by the end of this year, but it's just across the river. Could prolly holler at him from Wyandotte's shores.

As Mark and his wife left, Fish, Julia and Zach came in. They had been haging down at the PRCU (as usual). fish sang he fabulous version on "Come Together" (which someday I'm going to record and YouTube and then the whole world can see how awesome she is) And I sang "Aenima" since Zach was there. I was getting pretty tipsy so I'm not sure of much else but I know Julia and Zach sang...OH! And Kevin sang "Sweet Transvestite"!!!!! And he wasn't too shabby either!!!

In short, had an awesome time hanging out with old friends. Can't wait to do it again!!


Gotta get going to sign some papers for the refi on our house, but look for part 3 coming your way soon.


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