St. Patty's Tomorrow!!!

  • Which means corned beef and cabbage tomorrow for me YAY!!!! Hubby makes the best!!! With some red potatoes and some horseradish!!! GOOD TIMES!!! He usually brings me like a double portion too.

This of course doesn't mean that I won't be going out in Wyandotte tomorrow on a hunt for quick cb&c before he gets home - maybe dinner with my mom. I only get it once a year so i kinda pig out lol

  • Other that that, not much on the home front. Money is really really tight right now. I didn't sell as much as i was hoping on Sunday's bus trip. I'll be better prepared next year (hopefully). I got all the supplies but someone one very important part was misplaced and I couldn't make any necklaces. That's okay tho cuz i have a show coming up and I can just repaint the caps black or silver instead of green and make a ton of other kinds (like twilight and betty boop etc). I gotta get some supplies as well. 
  • Other than crafting, we're slowly getting the apt into super living condition and moving everything out of the old house. I really wish we could just hire someone to go in and clean it all up for us. Maybe after we get most of the stuff we still want out of it, we will. Want to get it done before it starts getting too hot cuz there's still no A/C there :-(
  • Still loving living so close to my mom. She's been a life saver. For instance yesterday i was in a terrible funk and she came over with some confort food and called later just to check and make sure i was okay. If we were still in the old house I would have been alone and prolly just stuck in bed all day.
  • Tomorrow I'm hoping to clean the entire apt - mostly the floors. I kinda let them get away from me. I'm not used to hardwood floors yet.  Also have to do some laundry (can't today cuz i have no detergent and no money to run to the store to get some)
  • Last Sunday we did the st. patty's parade in Detroit bus trip with the Rouge Park Lounge. So much fun!!! Got up around 6:30am and didn't get to bed until around 5am cuz a friend came back home with us and we just talked forever!! I felt like crap on monday.
  • Dancing with the Stars begins next monday!!! SO EXCITED!!! I don't really have a favorite yet, but i LOVE Hines Ward!!!
i think that's it for now. Gotta get back in the blogging groove but right now I'm distracted by Les Miz 25th anniversary concert on PBS.


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