Killing Time before Dart League

I forgot my laptop power cord, so i only have about 20 minutes left before my puter dies. *le sigh* Which means I'm actually gonna have to interact with the "lovely" people in the bar right now. Sometimes they really make me want to start drinking at noon. But I won't. 

And thankfully there's only about 6 weeks left of dart league. Cuz I'm pretty sure that I can't last much longer. And we had a week off last week so I was able to slightly recharge. (still didn't completely clean the apt like i planned to tho - altho yesterday i did get a couple big things accomplished so i feel good about that)

I have a few shows coming up in the next month. St. Linus this Saturday (as usual) - Woodhaven High April 9th AND the Rouge the same day (but at night). Then I have a show with banshee May 7th at the DADBA bldg in Wyandotte and the same weekend is the Spring Fling in Wyandotte and a local Spa owner is allowing me to have some table space on her tables so I'm excited. Altho at that one (Spring Fling) I'm not allowed to have jewelry cuz apparently they have a ton already - so i'm planning on making pins and keychains instead and maybe a headpiece or something. Also sending in our app next week  for Motor City Pride Fest which is in Hart Plaza this year.



(18 min of puter time left)

So I'm totally stressing out even tho i have a couple months to get inventory. And a sign for the outside of our tent so people can see who we are.

Other than that, not much. Papa and Stepmom are still doing okay. Mom is great. Whole family doing good actually. Reconnected with my half-sister again on facebook (will be better this time - i sucked at keeping in touch with her before on myspace). Loving Dancing With the Stars so far, even if they've given Romeo a 2nd chance after his dad (Master P) was horrific in season 2. Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio knocked it out of the park imho this past week. Looking forward to Monday and a new episode.

I really don't care about American Idol at this point in time. I've barely watched 10 minutes of it. I have no favorite and my friend (who usually agrees with me on who should win) likes Paul. He's also the choice. Sanjaya was also a VFTW candidate. Do with that knowledge what you will.

Can't wait for spring to actually be here so I can open the windows in the apt and walk around downtown without a coat. Maybe it'll even inspire me to clean the apt. I did good yesterday and got most of the laundry done and moved our Xmas tree out of the living room (FINALLY).

Crap. 10 mins left. Guess I gotta sign off and deal with the bar crowd.



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