After months of waiting (we got the tix sometime in August) Sunday, Nov 7th finally came!!! Lions v Jets!!! Winner gets top of the xmas tree!!! Jets are playing fabulously - seriously on their way to the playoffs - and Lions are the best 2 - 5 team in the league!!!

We woke around 10am and had breakfast and lots of coffee. Seriously a ton of coffee. Even tho i had a solid 8 hours sleep, morning doesn't come easy for me. 

After hubby made and packed a couple sandwiches and put a few cervezas in a cooler for tailgating purposes, we headed out around 11:30am for Detroit!!!! The plan was to park at Greektown casino parking and take the shuttle to Ford Field. Got there no problems, but when we got to the parking garage we discovered that they've changed their tune and are now charging $20 "event parking" - and since both hubby and I are in (opposing) team gear it would be mighty hard to convince them we weren't there for the game. Luckily when we turned the corner to try and find someplace else to park we happened on a FREE parking spot on the street!!! YAY!!!! Only 1/2 a clock away from where we planned.

The gods continued to be with us when we walked down Monroe towards Beaubien and the shuttle happened to be driving towards us WITH SPACE AVAILABLE. And even tho hubby had on his Jets jersey, they let him on and there was very little hazing.  They dropped us on Adams near The Elwood and we soon discovered that there were a crapload of other Jets fans there, which made hubby happy.

After waiting inside for hubby, we made our way to our seats (section 239 row 7). On the way we actually ran into a friend, Z, who almost didn't shake hubby's hand due to the Jets jersey lol. When we finally got to our seats we discovered they weren't too shabby.

 And here we are - both happy cuz the game hasn't started yet. (even tho i took the pic i look kinda shocked lol)

I won't bore you with details, but when we went outside at halftime for a smokey treat we noticed many people walking around in jerseys that weren't either Lions or Jets. Hell! I could even deal with Wings sweaters or Tiger shirts. Nope - instead we saw crap like this:

REALLY!!!! EAGLES JERSEYS TO A LIONS - JETS GAME!?!?! WTF ARE YOU SMOKING!?!?!? If you don't OWN a home/away team jersey/shirt/hat then wear your frigging Black Sabbath shirt or something. WHY WOULD YOU WEAR THAT TO A LIONS GAME!!!???!!!

*takes a deep breath*

While watching the 2nd half (and learning that Matthew Stafford is apparently made of glass) my eye caught these chicks in the end zone just below our seats.

Since we don't have actual cheerleaders I guess they convinced their sugar daddies to splurge on tix for them to be "unofficial". Meh.

My camera didn't take really good pics from where we were (i really need a new one, but since ours still works it's hard to convince hubby. What i wouldn't give for one of those 18x zoom slr style tho *drool*) But here's a pic of LT in the backfield during one of the last drives of the game. He's the one "next to" the referee.

Ultimately we lost the game in overtime thanks to crap coaching decisions combined with injuries to Stafford and my future baby daddy (also known as Jason Hanson. 23 - 20. It was a sad day in the D, but I'm very proud of my fellow Lions fans. We didn't give up until the very end and were so loud it was awesome!!!!!

The night ended with karaoke at a local pub with tons of HS friends and we had a blast!! Looking forward to next week already. 

P.S. tonight i had spur of the moment dinner with my mom around 6:30pm at Angelina's - I <3 Wyandotte and being back home!!!!!!


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