Yes I'm still alive

Sorry for the month long hiatus. Things have been a little crazy. And today is the icing on the cake.

So, you may know that hubby and I are moving back downriver and leaving our house. It's a long complicated story that isn't over, but essentially we found a great deal for an apt. in downtown Wyandotte thru an old HS friend of mine and are super happy and excited. However, the apt needed to have major renovations and even tho we were supposed to start moving in April and be completely moved in by May, we still aren't there. The renovations have taken a bit longer than anticipated. But hopefully we will be moved in by June 1st.

Cuz frankly we can't afford not to be. Our power and gas is getting shut off at the house this weekend. We have most of our stuff stored in my friend's garage next door and only a few basics still at the house (and the entire kitchen - but we're not going there right now) cuz we did move quite a bit this past Sunday thanks to some friends helping us. I just feel like we're in limbo right now.

But that's not the big issue right now. I need to talk about Sunday in it's entirety. We woke up late, couldn't find the U-Haul place we rented the truck through (interwebz) and got a message from our future landlord that we couldn't move stuff into the apt anyway cuz it's not finished. Hubby and I exchanged words, he dropped me off at home and drove off (i found out later it was to find the U-Haul place and reschedule our truck so we didn't get charged a fee). While i was waiting for him, our friends showed up to help. I filled them in. When hubby got back things were slightly better. We got 2 trucks and our car loaded up and made it down to Wyandotte in almost no time and things seemed to be going smooth. OFL took me through the apt to show what was done and what needed to get done, the trucks and car got unloaded and we headed back home for another trip of boxes and stuff.

I should have realized then that even tho the day had started off rough, things were going far too smoothly.

Hubby and I were at a stop light when all of the sudden the "check engine" light came on and the car just died. Luckily we were a short distance from a gas station so hubby pushed the car over there. We thought at first it had just ran out of gas (cuz it was kinda low) so we pumped some in but it didn't help. The car cranked and cranked but never started. After moving it off to the side, my friend called her brother to come check it out. He troubleshot for a couple hours and after conferring with another mechanic friend came to the conclusion it was something we couldn't quick fix. After calling a couple tow places, we were able to get a deal through someone's roadside assistance and had the car towed to a local station for free where they could diagnose the issue. Meantime we still hadn't unloaded the car, gotten the paint for the apt or delivered the broken tent to banshee (it got bent at the applefest and banshee has the parts to fix it - has to be done before June 6th) but at least we had things in motion and we got a ride home from friends.

Dinner, drinks and LOST season finale on Sunday night and the hopes that we could get the other car we own running the next day cuz hubby seemed to think it was a quick fix.

Monday early afternoon. Hubby calls a friend to take him to the auto parts store and get the stuff to fix the Toyota (tercel 1989) after several failed attempts he realizes it's gonna take more than he thought so he finagles borrowing a car from another friend. We thought that would be it. We listed the Toyota on craigslist hoping to get something out of it to put towards the Cavalier (garage called - timing belt broke - $550 to fix it) and we were supposed to be able to use the borrowed car until we got our car fixed (which if things went well would have been Tuesday)

But around 8pm we were informed that wasn't the case and they were going to have to take the car back tomorrow instead. Which then leaves us without a car.

So now I'm completely stressed out and just wanna drink until i can't see straight. I know that won't solve anything and it will only succeed in making me feel worse than i already do, so I'm not gonna, but man I want to.


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