So much for blog365

I guess I'll try blog334 lol (since I've missed most of January)

Things got a little crazy here for a quick minute. See, hubby and I are having major financial issues right now. In trying to juggle xmas gift giving and bill payments I ended up pissing off DTE by being about 10 days late in our payment and they sent us a shutoff notice around Dec 20th that we were going to be shut off by the 30th unless we paid our ENTIRE back due of almost $800!!! So we tried calling many numbers but they were all closed for the holidays or couldn't get us in before the end of the year. We thought we were screwed but hubby finally got someone at DTE Case management and they worked out a plan for us as long as we paid by Jan 4th. We thought we were in the clear. Turns out we were wrong.

Apparently the case management worker we spoke to FORGOT to put the details of our arrangement (made BEFORE Dec 30th) in our account notes, so workers were dispatched and we woke up Monday morning to a very cold house. After the rude awakening, much panic, a desperate call to my mommy (yes mommy - shut up!) we were able to connect to someone who was able to help us once we paid the agreed amount (way less than $800 btw) but they couldn't turn our power and gas back on for 24 hours.

I spent the day with hubby at work just hanging out. We even got to watch Heroes together (it was pretty slow) and when he got off work we headed back to the house with the silly notion that maybe we got lucky and they turned us on early or that we might just stick it out overnight. sadly the house was close to 47 degrees inside and there was no way we'd be comfortable enough to survive the night, even cuddling close and bundled under a gazillion blankets (staying warm during the night wasn't really the issue - it was the having to get out of bed into a super cold house that wasn't appealing). So we ended up staying at my mom's in Wyandotte for the night at her new apt. (which is AMAZING!!!!)

Next day we got home just as the gas worker was coming by to turn us back on. Which allowed us to turn on the gas fireplace in the basement, but our furnace has an electric pilot, so we had to wait for the electricity to turn on before we had real heat. Luckily they showed up about an hour later and after about 4 hours the house was once again a livable 68 degrees. (which is warmer than i usually keep it - usually it's around 65)


Other than that the only other real excitement was yesterday when hubby and I went to my mom's old house to pick up some boxes my mom set aside for me of some of my stuff and to rummage through things to see if there was anything else there I wanted. I was fairly okay, but panicked when I couldn't find my yearbooks (she insists they're all in a box in storage already). I did find my 1988 yearbook which i can't wait to go through tonight when hubby gets home (it's still in the car) and I also found a few of my old stuffed animals people won for me at Boblo Island - including Babs and Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons (they're about 4 feet tall!!!)

We also gathered a bunch of cassette tapes and VHS tapes and lots of books. I guess alot of the stuff was already packed away in storage, just a few things to go through and see if there was anything they missed (which there wasn't much). It was a little overwhelming and hubby helped alot by going through a bunch of boxes by himself and pulling out things he thought were cool or important. I was getting sidetracked and it would have taken me much much longer if i were there alone. If i could have done it at all.

The hardest part was when we were done and we had loaded everything into the car that we were going to take. Hubby told me to say good-bye to the house , which i had done at Xmas already, but I went through it again and told him a couple stories and I just started to cry.

And not just cry. I mean i was bawling like someone had died or something. My heart was breaking. And it was made worse cuz the house just didn't even feel like it was home anymore. It was just an empty shell. Everything that had made that house our home was gone. Not just the furniture and the stuff, but the feeling inside of it was just empty. I couldn't feel any of the ghosts that were there - not even when i went into the bad attic (yes I believe there were ghosts there - I'll elaborate some other time) and even hubby said that usually when he walked into the house he immediately got sleepy and relaxed and he felt none of that when we were there. It was like everything that made it home was gone. And that broke my heart even more.

Luckily hubby was very understanding and held me and let me weep for my loss and he promised that we would come by the house often to check up on it. I told the house thank you for all the years it took care of us and sheltered us and hoped that a new family would come and take care of it and live there another 30+ years and be just as happy as we were.

Then we closed everything up, turned off the lights, and got in the car and drove away. And i cried most of the way home.

I'm better today. And I'm not bitter or sad about my mom choosing to move on and get a smaller place. I think it's wonderful of her and it's about time and she's going to love her new place so much!!!! It's the perfect size for her and in a perfect location. I'm actually kinda jealous! lol

But that still doesn't mean that I don't mourn the ending of an era with the house not being ours anymore :(


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