Day #10

First of all, Happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps! 234 years and going strong!! God bless all Marines, and especially those in my immediate family (hubby, 2 brothers-in-law and grandfather (who is a proud member of the Frozin Chosin))

And as a bday present to me for having so many family members in the USMC(not really), I got a delivery today courtesy of UPS and HSN!!!

It's a Sunbeam Rocket Grill w/ 24 bags included!!!! And we got it on flex pay AND at the super low cost of $19!!!  I'm so excited!!! Here's a close up of the detail from the website too.

It's so easy!!! it's essentially like a George Foreman grill but on it's side!! So you put whatever meat (and stuff) you want heated up/cooked into these little parchment paper bags and hook it inside the grill so it's in between the heating plates (super easy! and there are hooks to hang the bag from - foolproof) Then you close the lid, set the plate setting for "precooked/thawed" or "frozen/bone-in" (the frozen setting moves teh plates closer to the meat for more contact), set the timer, and just wait for the bell to ring. DING! Meat is done!!!

I'm notorious for not thawing anything out for dinner cuz i never really know what i want until the last minute. Well I don't have to worry anymore. As soon as i got it inside I took it out of the boxes, read the instructions and fired this puppy up to test it out. I already had dinner made (leftover arroz con pollo YUM!) so i didn't want to make a ton of stuff. I found a couple of Omaha Steak hamburgers we got like 6 months ago that we never grilled (still vacuum sealed and safe) so I stuck those in a bag, checked the timer suggestion for 2 frozen burgers, and VOILA!!!

The timer suggested 5 1/2 minutes for medium, which looking at now is too much. I would have prolly rather gone about 4 minutes cuz they were pretty well done and kinda squished (which i kinda expected - they are between 2 heating element plates) But all the fat drained away and into a small built in channel at the bottom of the parchment bag. As matter of fact, not a single drop of grease or anything ended up in the removable drip tray - i checked!

It's really kinda like a microwave toaster for your food! And I think i'm going to love it!!! I can't wait to get some microwave burritos and stick those in there YUM!!!! or some chicken tenders!!! Now I can't wait until we get our Angel Food next weekend!! And i read some reviews where people grilled their sausage patties for breakfast in it instead of on the stovetop! GENIUS!!!!! Makes me wanna go grocery shopping and get some sausage too!!!

I know i sound like a commercial, but seriously this thing is really cool and worth it if you're like me and too lazy to plan your meals ahead with some thawing!! Of course things would be better if things were thawed in advance, but even if they aren't, the burgers were testament to the yummy factor! AND no pots to clean!!

I'm in love!!



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