what i've been up to

in case you haven't guessed, i'm working on getting ready for the Wyandotte Art Fair next week. I'm quite sure i'm not gonna have enough product but what the hell. I suppose (as i'm said to a couple people) that the worst thing that could happen is that i sell out of everything i have and have to race to make more in time for the Redford Fair July 25&26. Or is that the best thing? Anyway, here's hoping things go well.

I just spent 3 days prepping bottlecaps and finally got the resin in them 2nite around 8PM. The ones i used real polyester resin with are already hardening, the ones i had to use the EasyCast resin with are still mighty soft to the touch. Either way I'm waiting 3 days for them to finish "cooking" so i can drill them. Might even wait 4 days and drill them all on Tuesday. We'll see how i feel.

Tonight I'm making a 3rd big pendant board along with a small one just for the zodiac signs. I think i'm gonna put a cheat sheet on that one too in the center so people have reference of what sign is what.

In the course of doing the show on Sunday I somehow managed to lose a bag of 16" necklace cords I had made (about 50 of them) and the notecard with the address of someone who custom ordered from me at the show. I've frantically torn through everything i took that day and still can't find anything. I am hoping that they will turn up, especially the addy, cuz she pre-paid and I don't want her to think i'm running away with her money.

I"m also waiting on a rubber jump ring order from it said that it would take 7 - 14 days so I'm REALLY praying that they arrive by Tuesday (which is 14 days from when i ordered them) otherwise I won't have the supplies to make something that's already been pre-ordered.

i'm seriously stressing about all this. My back has broken out and according to a friend last night i have huge black circles under my eyes. In spite of myself i took a quick 45 minute nap tonight after the caps were finished. i really needed it i think. I didn't really sleep. I listened to sirius XM first wave channel and kinda let myself drift around. But now I feel like i wasted an hour of my life when i could have been working on stuffs.

crap! and i still have a pair of earrings that need to get mailed out!

On top of this, there's plans for mini high school reunions which i'm sure are stressing me out even if i'm trying to play it cool. The prospect of seeing girls i totally admired and boys i had crushes on back then is daunting. And while i'm confortable (mostly) with the fact that I've become a larger woman, the fact that i'm still missing a front tooth does play into the anxieties.

okay, time to quit whining and get back to work. I gotta finish that pendant board tonight and start working on a couple chainmaille pieces.



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