Less than 36 hours away

is the Wyandotte street fair and i already know i don't have enough product, which makes me sad. The resin overflowed on some of my bottlecaps and they stuck to the paper they were drying on, so i lost about 1/6 of them. And I'm pretty sure my rings aren't gonna be dry in time to have them out on wednesday, so they'll be there later in the week.

I had a friend make some bracelet displays for me based on banshee's awesome store bought one cuz a) i'm cheap and b) he was willing. They turned out pretty good. You can tell they're handmade, which i don't really mind. They're T bars of PVC pipe covered in felt and stuck into a plywood base. I had to reinforce them at the joint cuz they were kinds wobbly (i used cording) and it stabilized them AND gives them a slight rustic feel, which is kinda cool.

I'm still debating with myself as to whether or not i should take my crochet work. I only have 2 afghans and a couple baby blankets. We'll see how motivated i am. The less i have to cart around the better it is. And since it all has to fit in banshee's vehicle - well - we'll just see how it goes.

When hubby gets home i think we're gonna go grab a couple beers at the local pub to chillax cuz tomorrow's the long haul. I have to drill all my pendants (as long as they're dry) and a bunch of bottlecaps (to make bracelets) and pack everything up. I also have to do some laundry so i have clothes to wear for the duration of the fair.

(on a side note, I went clothes shopping yesterday and got some super cute and comfy capris, shorts and tshirts. They all fit perfectly yesterday. Today they feel looser. Guess I'm not as bloated or something. I plan on goin back tho and getting more colours in the tshirts cuz they were only $15 and i love how they look on me)(and altho i'm sad that i had to get a size larger than last year, at least it was only 1 size. and hopefully my continued walking on the treadmill as well as the upcoming festivals we're gonna be at will help)

Speaking of festivals, I got our location notification from Allen Park. It's booth #143 and it's on Allen road near the Ecorse Rd side on the north side of the street. Kinda in the middle of the block and away from the stage and stuff. Hopefully it will be decent tho.

kk. hubby's home. gotta go.


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