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1. In order to learn a new song (i.e. for karaoke) I have to listen to it about 50 times in a row with the lyrics in front of me. drives Kevin crazy.

2. Me and a bunch of friends once met Everlast from house of Pain (you know ... "jump around") at the Denny's on Eureka in Taylor. He was so frigging cool.

The story goes we were all sitting in one of the big corner booths and in walked this guy with chains and crap. He sat down in the dame section as us and we were kinda making fun of him (calling him wigger ... i know awful!) and someone we all started talking in NY accents (tawking about cawfee and chawcolate) and he got up and came over and joined in with his own NY accent and we all chatted and mentioned he was waiting for buddies cuz they had done a show at Legends that night. That's when he told us who he was and ... yea ... it was pretty cool. he even signed some things for us. (i lost mine tho.. i think it was a napkin lol)

3. I've sang "Blues in the Night" about 50 times today and I'm ready to shoot myself. I can't seem to get it right. (it's for a singsnap contest)

4. one of my favorite snacks is saltines with butter.

5. I firmly believe in reincarnation. When I was 4 years old I told my mom I lived in india I married my cousin "roger" (which we think was actually "rajah") and told her tons of details. There was no way I would have known such details (like wedding customs of wearing tons of jewelry or wearing red) unless I was remembering something.

6. When I was also about 4 years old I corrected my mom's college Greek Mythology professor during a class. and I was absolutely right ^_^

7. I have a serious case of pagophagia that doesn't seem to subsist even tho I'm taking iron pills and vitamins. seriously I'd rather eat ice than eat or drink anything else these days.

8. The fact that the Pope has given special dispensation to allow people to eat meat when St. Paddy's day falls on Friday during Lent really annoys me.

9. Speaking of ...I make a special effort (as a non-catholic) to eat meat every Friday during Lent. childish of me i know.

10. I hate that my sister and her hubby live so far away from us. I miss her all the time.

11. I am a survivor of rape.

12. I wasn't allowed to date in high school. And as much as I complained about it when I was younger...I'm kinda glad.

13. while I'm pretty bad at leaving comments on friends blogs and such I'm a frigging comment whore. I live for people giving me feedback of any kind on these things.

14. i suck at scrabble/scrabulous

15. I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

(seriously...just couldn't think of a 15th one)

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P.S. Here's the final result of "Blues in the Night"


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