I hate getting old (plus other things.... probably gonna be long ... just like this title

I'm going to whine and bitch right now.

I've been trying to get myself healthier.Lots of little changes, once of which is getting at least 30 minutes of walking in everyday.

I was doing really well. Then my ankles started to hurt. Not while i was walking, but the next day. I was waking up to walking like i was 140!! Small shuffling steps, and it hurt to push myself up off of a chair. I took muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, even Vicodin. Nothing touched the pain and the only relief was not walking.

The kicker was last Sunday. Even with all the precautions i took when we went to Arts, Beats and Eats, and the pain medication i took later in the evening, it took 3 days of almost completely off of my feet rest to be able to walk without pain is not normal nor healthy.

I do stretch prior to walking. I used to run every morning when i was younger and I've worked on my feet for multiple hours a day for many years so I know how to take care of them and when things don't feel right. I have NEVER had pain like this is my achilles tendon.

I need to see a doctor, however even tho we have insurance, i still can't afford the office visit fee without sacrificing money we need for bills and food (not joking) let alone any prescription costs.


Since hubby got his new job (which i'm so proud of him and love him so much for it) and has passed his 90 day mark, his wages have started to get garnished. And I'm quite sure this is just one of many coming for him/us. I may have said this before, but 7 years ago when he was working at the hotel in Livonia, he made excellent money. We were able to purchase a cute house and afford the bills as well as small entertainment expenses AND still do some saving. We followed the "rules" as stayed within our budget.

Then the hotel "changed flags" and he lost his job (through no fault of his own. They just "wanted a change"). Since then the job market crashed and he's gone through quite a few jobs, none of which were anywhere CLOSE to what he made at the hotel. Last year he made a little more than 1/3 of what he made at the hotel. And I haven't had luck finding a job, especially since I don't currently drive. And since our income has lessened we can't afford the fees to get my license back. It wasn't a priority when we were making the money to afford it and we can't afford it now that it IS a priority. *sigh*

So we've lived small and gotten assistance from the state when we can and my mom has helped us out SO MUCH!!! We pick and choose which bills get paid on time and our only indulgences are some adult beverages at home occasionally and the football package on DirecTV. We used to go every week to the drive-in for date night and we haven't even done that in 3 years. I think we went once last year and we didn't go at all this year. We treated ourselves to movies and dates, but on a budget. Matinees and lunch.


wow! I have much more to say but I'm distracted by the football game right now and I didn't gather my thoughts prior to writing so that it would keep me on track. Blah. I'll be back tomorrow to continue bitching.



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