Holy Cow it's been awhile!!!

I keep meaning to get to this blog and update and also reorganize the past posts (most of the older posts (2002) have expired links and such) but I keep forgetting or get caught up in something else.

Right now I'm motivating to get stuff made for summer festival season. The first one is June 2 & 3 in Detroit at Hart Plaza. Motor City Pride Fest. I'll be posting updates of my awesome creations on my other blog magikjaz creations so i don't bog down this one.

Life has been going pretty well lately. Hubby got a new job and even tho it's hard, I'm working on adjusting my schedule to coincide with his new one. He works 5am to 130pm five days a week with random days off right now. It is possible that he will be settling down into a fixed schedule of the same days off every week in the next couple weeks. Which would make it so much easier for me to adjust my sleep schedule. Right now I'm staying awake until he leaves for work and sleeping until he gets home.

It's really weird to be able to do things with him every day. And to have dinner together every night. It's something we haven't been able to do in the nearly 12 years we've been together.

In other not so happy news, my grandfather passed away. But he did leave everyone an inheritance in his will which came at a really beneficial time for us. I was able to purchase some much needed supplies for upcoming shows and pay off some bills that we wouldn't have been able to because of the new pay schedule of hubby's new job.

I wish I were sadder that he passed away. I mean, he was an American hero. USMC and member of the Chosin Few in Korea (click here). Were it not for him, I wouldn't be here. And when i was younger i loved him. I still did in a way. We had alot of good. But there was alot of bad. And as a result of the bad our family has slowly fallen apart.

I know many families have issues. And I don't feel comfortable enough to go into things right now specifically. Mostly out of respect for my mom and my Aunt at this moment. But know that we are pretty messed up. And alot of it is because of my grandfather. He was not a good man.

I have so much to say. I really need to remember to sit down every day (or 3) and blog again. I have the time now since I'm awake alone at night. And I will fill things in later or tomorrow.

Tonight I'm gonna play some games and relax. Tomorrow is laundry day and homemade enchiladas with mom and hubby at her place and MAYBE some raspas.

And in the meantime, my grandparents.

Wedding Day

With my Uncle Joe, Aunt Arcie and Mom


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