Thank you T-Mobile

So, we've been fighting with T-Mobile over our billing for MONTHS now. Just when we think we have it straightened out, we get hit with more unexpected charges on our phone. Our past couple bills were at least $50 to $100 more than what we were expecting. I don't even know how we managed to pay them, but we did, and constantly with the promise that next month things would be fixed. But they weren't.

So last weekend, when hubby got paid, I went to pay our bill Saturday afternoon. Again it was a over what we expected, so i held off paying the bill and hubby called them and they said they fixed everything. When i signed online to pay the bill the next day, the bill had jumped up by $70!!! OBVIOUSLY they hadn't fixed anything!!!

I was so pissed that we started contemplating switching over to another service. For just a little more than the current bill, we could switch over to Virgin Mobile, get better phones, and never have surprise charges again (altho that still sounds really nice). Hubby called and complained and even told them that we were going to switch even tho we have been customers for around 7 years. He was on the phone for around an hour, and just when we thought we were getting somewhere, he got disconnected. And nothing was done.

Seriously, things were out of control, but we could never find anyone who would take the time to actually check through our account and fix the things that were wrong. And the CS rep who talked to hubby (and disconnected) told us that his phone was being charged for a $30/month data package cuz his phone automatically synced up with the internet every week. And yet MY phone, which i actually used to connect to the internet (downloading some apps and sending some photos online) wasn't put onto ANY data plan automatically, so i was charged a per MB fee. Which was messed up anyway, cuz we had asked for a $10/month data plan back in December when i got my phone, which was never initiated on our account!!!

so i complained on Twitter.

and got a response from their help twitter a few minutes later

took them awhile to respond to me, so inbetween looking at Virgin mobile and Verizon phones online and discussing their crappy CS on my FB wall, i sent this as well.

Which apparently spurred them to some action. They immediately sent me a DM on twitter with an email address to send my account info too, along with contact times. 

So I did the next day, and Tuesday morning hubby got a phone call from them who was able to actually look at our account, listen to our complaints, realize we weren't being unreasonable, and fix it. They admitted it was ridiculous to charge the data plan on one phone and not the other when it would be way less to charge hubby's phone a per MB and give me the data plan. So the CS switched things around, gave us an immediate substantial credit on our bill, and told us if we had any other issues once the new billing came through to make sure and contact them A.S.A.P.

New billing comes out tomorrow, so we'll see where we are at, but for right now I am super happy with T-Mobile. There should be no more surprise charges and the bills will no longer be more than our utility bills.



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