Tooth problems *sigh*

So i have had tooth issues for years. If you know me, you know i don't have good teeth. It isn't for lack of trying however. when hubby had dental insurance, and before we were married, I tried to get things fixed in spite of my extreme phobia of dentists..

There was even a point where i had pain in my top front teeth and altho one of them had to be extracted, the other was "saved" by a root canal. However, insurance ran out and we couldn't afford the cap/crown to be put on afterwards.

Fastforward a few years. This past week my tooth felt a little loose. I was terrified it was periodontal disease. I made hubby get special "we can reverse gingivitis" mouthwash and toothpaste. I brush my teeth (even if my mouth doesn't look like it) but i began brushing more frequently (like 4 and 5 times a day). According to everything I read i was probably too late if my tooth was loose, but i was gonna try anyway.

Then yesterday i woke up and my tooth wasn't just a little loose, it was threatening to fall out. or so I thought. I cried. Hubby tried to console me but it wasn't working. Mom sent her bf to take me to the store and see if i could find something that might work to secure it until i could get to a dentist. I got some dentemp and figured I could try and "attach" it to the tooth next to it.

When i got home i followed the directions and prepped my mouth and teeth for the dentemp. And when I put it on (on the back) i realized that the tooth wasn't falling out of the gums, it was cracked at the base of the tooth. All i can figure is it finally broke since it didn't have any reinforcement from a cap on it.

The dentemp keeps crumbling off after a couple hours so i have to keep reapplying. And I can't eat anything. I am starving right now. Gonna try and eat some cream of chicken soup in a minute. I made the mistake of making some with rice in it yesterday and of course I can't chew. (well i can, but it feels weird and I'm perpetually afraid I'm gonna break the tooth)

Hubby called a couple places today. One said it would be around $250 but they could save the tooth. Gonna try a couple more tomorrow. Hoping to get it fixed soon, but rent is already past due so we may have to put it off for awhile longer. I'll just have to baby it and get some protein drinks i guess. And yogurt.


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