Tooth Problems part 2

Me post op

So, the tooth wasn't  salvageable at all. 

hubby called around for me (cuz I couldn't really speak) and most places weren't able to give any kind of estimate without getting me in the chair. One place said they could prolly save it but it would be $250 and another said it would cost almost $1000. We finally decided on Superteeth ( cuz most procedures were $99.

hubby got his check and cashed it and we went to Superteeth (in Warren) around 11am. They were super nice there. I was able to fill out all needed paperwork via a computer in the waiting area and got in to see a dentist in around 30 minutes. I told them I had dentist anxiety and they were really really nice to me.

Sadly, after taking the xray, it was determined that the tooth couldn't be saved at all. Not even for $1000. It was cracked in half and infected. (And since I didn't have any nerves in the root of the tooth it wasn't painful for me - if it hadn't gotten loose who knows how long I would have lived with the infection). Even with their discounted pricing, it was gonna cost around $200 to pull it. We really didn't have the money, rent was due last week, but i had to get it done. 

I hyperventilated in the chair. And cried. And it hurt a little. The dentist scolded me for hyperventilating (I'm sure my breath sucked) and for squirming in the chair, but they got the whole thing out and gave me prescriptions for vicodin and motrin to help with the pain. They packed the wound with gauze, gave me paperwork and sent me on my way. As we were driving home I tried to text my mom (who is out of town) to let her know what happened and I couldn't stop shaking. And 5 minutes later I puked my guts out. Lovely, huh?

Hubby took us to CVS and got the prescriptions filled and also got me some soft foods to eat. Then went by mom's to feed her cat and grab some other necessities. Finally we got home. I took the pain pills and an anti-anxiety pill and half an hour later I finally stopped shaking and crying. 3 hours later the wound stopped bleeding. 2 hours after that I finally tried eating something (canned chili - no beans).

I got phone calls from my dad and my friend ShawnEShawn. I tried talking normally but I sounded horrible in my head. I was lisping and afraid to move my tongue and mouth around too much for fear of dislodging the blood clot in the wound and causing dry socket. (I've had numerous teeth removed and I'm still afraid). They were pretty awesome tho. 

Ultimately I have to make a game plan this year to get my teeth fixed. Dentures or something. There's a thing called "secure smile" I might check out for shows in the summertime so i don't scare people away from my booth. 

And luckily I have an amazing husband who told me over and over again last night how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. Even if i have no teeth. I am truly blessed.


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