Hubby Bday celebration!!!

Yesterday hubby turned 45. He opted for a low key celebration.

We stayed up late the night before watching horror movies and slept in until 2:30pm. Had some coffee and did some stuff around the house (going through some boxes and stuff). Banshee was awesome and picked us up after work and took us to my mom's apt so we could do laundry (without having to carry the dirty laundry on the bus lol).

When the laundry was in the dryer we took a walk over to Coastal Thai for dinner (sadly mom opted not to go with us - she had a rough couple days at work). Surprisingly it wasn't that cold for the walk. We strolled by our old apt. and saw that someone was indeed living there. (I still kinda miss that place - but i don't miss the lack of a furnace).

You should know I was introduced to a website called foodspotting which is essentially a food twitter where you can upload pics of food and give recommendations. My profile is HERE. I haven't downloaded the app for my phone yet, but I plan on it. I especially love that you can look for recommendations depending on where you are (which would have been awesome to have when we were in Fort Wayne, IN in Oct. last year). It's like having a local in your pocket. I am quite certain i am going to become addicted to foodspotting.

That being said, I made hubby stop before he ate everything tonight lol. I had to take pictures (which at this moment I'm still uploading into foodspotting). (also adding the description i added to foodspotting tonight on the items I uploaded)

We started off with a pair of soups since we wanted to try both kinds.

Light and yummy with tons of cilantro. This is with fried tofu. Listed as a "hot and sour" soup but it wasn't very spicy. Definitely got the sour tho. 

A little sweet with a nice amount of acidity and spice. You could definitely taste the tomato and cilantro in this. The fried tofu topped off the dish. Simple but amazingly delicious.

Hubby ordered my favorite (altho is it really fair to call it my fave when it's the only thing I've ordered?) 

My favorite dish at Coastal Thai. I usually get it medium with fried tofu but this is hot with pork. The sweet notes and the spicy notes are so complimentary in this dish. The spice wasn't overwhelmingly hot (and by that I mean it didn't make me cry but i did break a sweat) and the pork was extremely tender. A great blend of flavors.

and I ordered the 

(Pad Voksen on the menu but google told me it was wrong)

listed on the menu as "Pad Vonsen" - I ordered this medium with fried tofu and an extra egg. They served it to me with a bowl of white rice, which i didn't understand because it is a noodle dish. Nice and spicy with tons of flavor and I loved the fried tofu texturally in the dish. 

Hubby ordered hot tea (which i didn't take a pic of) and I got a Thai Sweet Tea. YUM!!!!

I wish I would have taken a pic of my plate after hanging out and eating for the duration of our stay. It looked like i hadn't even made a dent in it. Which is a good thing. Cuz that means I have leftovers for later on today. YAY!!!

After dinner hubby decided he wanted ice cream from Stroh's for dessert (since I forgot to get him a Saunder's caramel cake - I suck as a wife). I got a simple Hazelnut frozen cappucino with whipped cream.

It was really good but a little sweet. I hate to say it, but I prefer Tim Horton's version. But it was yummy.

Hubby chose to get a banana split. Which you can totally customize with whatever ice cream you want and whatever toppings you want (instead of being stuck with the traditional). So he got reese's peanut butter, caramel caribou and pistachio almond with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple toppings. 

isn't he adorable?

partly eaten yummy (seriously so much flavor going on here)

While we were there I admired the simplicity of the interior of Stroh's. It really feels very retro.

And believe it or not, hubby finished the ENTIRE banana split!!!!!

in the same amount of time, this is how much i consumed.

And then a short walk back to mom's, with a stop at Bellicoso's for a cigar for hubby (he always has a cigar on Wednesday's - it's his thing). When we got back, mom was asleep already, so we gathered up the clothes, called a taxi, and made it back home around 10pm.

And hubby wasn't done. He decided to continue going through some boxes and rearranging more things. He ended up opening up the living room completely, adding to the wall of boxes in the kitchen, and freeing the CD/DVD shelves and the bookshelf. Which will allow me to go through boxes and empty those full of books and media. Maybe tomorrow. Not sure.

All in all it was such a great night of good food and relaxation with hubby, and he said his bday gift to himself was getting our living room opened up and rearranged. 

I am one lucky chick.



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