it's been a long time

In a nutshell I've been without reliable interwebz for awhile. I'm "borrowing" from the neighbor but for some reason, even tho the puter doesn't move, the connection fades in and out. i'll be lucky if I'm online long enough to finish this post really.

We've been working towards moving back to Wyandotte since May (roughly) and it looks like we may finally make the final jump and be there tomorrow. I'm waiting for our new landlord to give us the complete green light via text today. I will be so happy to have more than 4 shirts and a couple pairs of sweats to wear! and to have my own washer and dryer back!!! I can't believe I'm gonna say this but i've actually missed doing laundry (in the privacy of my own home - laundromats are teh suck)

My show schedule is finally winding down. It wasn't as successful a season as last year, but i blame the economy. and a couple poor choices in shows. I'm not doing the Applefest again next year, that's for sure! even splitting the booth fee with a friend only allowed me to come out about $50 ahead!!! And Hamtramck labor day festival, unless it's done differently next year, is also a big giant NO!

I also didn't get into a couple festivals and I'm very sad. No DUCF or Winter Craft thing or Ferndale DIY this year. Maybe next year. I'm never sure when i apply if i should add my bottlecaps (and/or crochet) or not. People like them but i don't have a bajillion of them this year (thanks to always being in a state of flux re: the move) I really need an agent to handle decisions like that for me lol.

Life is decent otherwise. Hubby and I are getting over a cold that hit us early in the week. Nieces are growing like weeds! so glad for the interwebz to see pictars of them. Haven't spoken to my nephews in awhile, hoping they're ok. Mom and dad and step-mom are fine. Kittehs are alive and well (and hopefully will like the new place). Looking forward to having a dedicated craft room so i can organize yarn and bottle caps and stuff. Also looking forward to being closer to friends and family and within walking distance of places so i can go to the store if I'm out of something. And looking forward to a dedicated interwebz connection so i can play bejeweled blitz lol.

peace out! time for some football. Go Jets!! (Lions already played and lost .... again .... someday we'll get that elusive road win)


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