Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

So today was the first V Day that my hubby and I got to spend together in the almost 10 years we've been together!

Usually, since he's a chef, he always works on this day so other couples can go out and celebrate their love together eating his yummy food. It's okay tho. I'm totally used to it. And I always get choccies, a stuffed animal and a card signed by him and the kittehs. He sets them all where i can see them before he leaves for work and I wake up later to an awesome surprise.

 Since this year I actually got to spend it WITH him I didn't think I was gonna get the usuals. But he surprised me. I got monkeys this year and a music card that also had a personal recording from him to me on it. I <3 him so. I haven't dug into the choccies yet, but I will tomorrow I promise you that. (Oh! And he even made sure the chocolates were from New Orleans - our favorite place together)

After a nice cup of coffee (Gevalia special blend), we got dressed and headed out the the movie theatre. Altho he parked on the wrong side of the theatre (by the exit only doors) and we had to walk a gazillion miles to get to the front doors, we made it in time. Picked up our tix at the kiosk (pre-paid), got some popcorn and pop and found our theatre and our seats.

We saw "Valentine's Day" starring EVERYONE!!! George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Hector Elizando, Jennifer Garner, Shirley McLain, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx ... I think that's it lol. And surprisingly it was hubby's choice and it was REALLY good!!! I keep replaying certain scenes in my head. The part i loved the most tho was a scene with H. Elizando and S. McLain and she tells him that you have to love everything about someone, not just the easy stuff. (other stuff was said too, but I'm not gonna spoil it). It really brought tears to my eyes. And the fact that the underlying message was that the people in good relationships had fallen in love with their best friend. Which of course hit close to home cuz hubby is MY best friend. And I always knew that the person i married WOULD be my best friend. Otherwise what's the point? I tell him everything, even the stuff he gives me shit about (like reconnecting with old crushes online and trying to get them to go to alumni concerts *wink*)

After the movie (which btw if you see you need to stay to see the credits, at least for a little bit) we headed over to O'Sushi in Dearborn for dinner. Got the sushi special of 10 nigiri and spicy tuna roll plus 2 specialty rolls, a mussel app and miso soup to start us off. Everything was frigging phenomenal. Of course the spicy tuna rocked. It always does. But the mussel app is phenomenal - i don't know what kind of sauce they use but they are cooked to perfection and are a must if you ever go there! The nigiri selection was tuna, white tuna, albacore, salmon, red snapper, squid, clam, octopus, shrimp (cooked) and smoked eel. I have learned I am not a fan of the squid. I tried it but imho the texture is weird. -kinda like raw green peppers - and it doesn't have any kind of extraordinary taste for me to try it again. The white tuna was fantastic as usual. Seriously I could live on that stuff alone. YUM!!!!

The 2 specialty rolls were a lobster tempura roll (tempura lobster inside the maki roll) and a "pizza" - fried rice patty with crab and spicy tuna on top with spicy sauce and mozzarella cheese. I really liked it, but if I ordered it again I would prolly ask them to hold the cheese. Too many flavors for me to handle lol. Normally we don't do cooked rolls, but these were worth the deviation for sure.

Sushi was followed by Cold Stone Creamery down the street. We opted for the Cheesecake Explosion (or whatever it's called) minus blueberries in a choc dipped waffle bowl. AMAZING! Of course you can't go wrong with Cold Stone no matter what you get. Picked up a choc peanut butter ice cream for our friend and headed home (dropping her's off on the way)

Now we're chilling watching the Olympics (I <3 the moguls) and getting ready to head out to the local for a couple drinks to finish the night off. Really couldn't have asked for a better first Valentine's Day with my baby.



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