Small things in my head

This has been a busy summer. I have loved every minute of it, but i think i wasn't quite prepared for the making of so much product. The bottlecaps really take time. Altho i have come across 2 things that will take me to another level - UV resin (it dries in 5 - 15 minutes in the sunlight) and a hole punch for metal. They will allow me next year to keep more of popular caps in stock and I can make earrings on the fly - no more resin accidents trying to create 200 twilight caps before a big show - now i can make a more even number of items and have backup - PLUS the hole punch will allow me to choose on the spot if i want to make them into bracelets or earrings - so no pre-planning is needed.

I know it's geeky craft stuff - but i am in love with the new freedom it will give me!!!


I am kinda sad things are winding down. I wish i had a car (and license) of my own to travel south for the winter and catch some shows that way. After all, i do have a sister that lives in Texas. But i think it will also be good for me to have a break and be able to focus on my husband and the house and small batches of crafting things. Plus i have my etsy to promote (and gonna work on my account as well - and maybe open an ecrater one too)


This week has been full of series season premieres. I am uber happy with Dancing with the Stars this year. So happy that Donny Osmond can actually dance so he might really deserve being in the finals, unlike Marie who only got there cuz of her popularity. My faves right now are Mya, kelly and Joanna for the women and Donny, Mark and Michael for the men. We'll see if that changes in the next few weeks tho.


Never did get my super secret blog project off the ground. I'm still counting on doing it tho. May work on it in a couple weeks when i don't have any shows to prep for. So glad Football season has started tho. And even tho my Lions haven't won a game yet - I have faith!!!!


Monday I went to a funeral home in wyandotte to say goodbye to a friend from high school. I didn't know him that well back then and I didn't take the time to do more than a couple messages and wall posts on FB when we reconnected. And now i'll never have the chance. It makes me really sad. And it makes me want to get together with friends, past and present, really soon. Nothing so formal as a reunion, but more organized than a kegger. And I'm really thinking it would be cool to have it at my mom's house, cuz i know she'd love to see people from my past as well. And it would be free. As a matter of fact, as i'm writing this, i think i may want to do it for my bday party this year. The end of October (but not Halloween weekend).


Prolly because of the sadness early in the week, I've been having dreams of high school and college. Mostly that we're putting on a musical and it almost always has me, Emily and tim french as the leading roles, with Mr. Mc directing. And I haven't gone to rehersals regularly so I'm learning blocking and such at the dress rehersals and I'm having to refresh my memory on my lines as i'm backstage waiting for my cues. At least i'm not naked lol.


Speaking of my sister, she and her hubby are 6 months away from an adorable bundle of joy!!! I'm so excited!!! of course all of us want to be down there when she has the baby, but we all really need to let her and her hubby get into their own groove before invading their house for any long length of time.


I was pleasantly surprised by both Eastwick this week as well as The Forgotten - and Modern Family could be funny but it could also be highly annoying - i haven't figured it out yet. And i'm not even getting invested into Cougar Town cuz the last show i loved Courtney Cox Arquette in (DIRT) failed miserably. Looking forward to Flash Forward tonight tho, as well as GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


I think that's it for now. OH! one more thing. I am participating in NaBloPoMo and next year I'm opting for Blog365 again. I really missed it this year. AND i'm contemplating making a blog specifically for my crafts and jewelry/chainmaille making.



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