I just have to vent

so hubby and I went to the local watering hole when he got off work tonight. We walked in to a group of people standing at the end of the bar, of which our friend K was one.

We sat next to K and chatted for a bit. One of the group wandered down to the other end of the bar and 2 others left. The one that stayed (let's call him joe) was complaining to the barmaid cuz his cab still hadn't shown up.

So she called the company and they said they had one dispatched. And she came down to us and explained that apparently "Joe" has been less than stellar when he's taken a cab and she's surprised the company didn't just refuse to pick him up. She mentioned that the last cab he took from there had to practically pry him from the vehicle when he got home cuz he was belligerent and didn't want to leave.

Eventually she talks to someone in the cab co. that explains the driver will come in and decide for himself if the customer is fit enough to take in his cab.

At that exact moment the cab driver walks in, sees the guy and is all "oh! you look okay! I'll take you then" blah blah blah.

Well, K next to us starts spouting off "You're a fucking cab driver! Where do you get off decided who you should take?" etc ...

Which pissed me off. I don't give a damn WHO you are, you have the right to common decency and respect. So I spout to K this same thing. And as I'm saying it, the barmaid relays that apparently "Joe" pissed in this same cab driver's car one night while he was riding home.

So I don't blame him for wanting to check the guy out. This is his livelihood and his property for the time he drives it. He's responsible for everything.

And yet again, K is all "you're a fucking cab driver" and continues on his rant that essentially the guy should just shut up and take what he gets

And then hubby jumped in and told me I was in the wrong for jumping all over K ... that K didn't do anything wrong.

I shut the hell up and let it go until K left the bar. Then I explained to hubby in no uncertain terms that K was in the wrong imho. He was being elitist and arrogant and condescending and all the words you can think of that mean the same thing. In the words that he spoke, he spoke volumes regarding how he feels about others ... especially a "Fucking cab driver"

It still pisses me off. Hopefully I'll calm down before we have to play darts on thursday


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