I know i sound like a big fat entitled totally spoiled bitch when I discuss this.

I understand that people count on people making payments. And I never meant to imply that I believe he shouldn't be asking us for his money or that hubby's parents should have just given us the car when we didn't have one last year.

What i DO think is that J has no right to judge us and "teach us a lesson" on how to better manage our money when he has no clue what the hell is going on in our lives financially.

We aren't going out spending tons of cash on shit we don't need. We live very very small. Most of our money goes to hubby's expenses each week getting to and from work. Yes he (and I) smoke, but we've cut down to less than half a pack a day. Yes I play darts on Thursdays, but I spend a grand total of about $15 for that privilege... including the dart league fee. I haven't been grocery shopping in 2 weeks ... and when I went 2 weeks ago I spent about $50. I'm lucky enough sometimes that hubby works in a restaurant and when he can he brings me home dinner. (his employee meal that he didn't eat during the day)

We have a mortgage to pay, heating, water, insurance ... hell we don't even pay any medical insurance out of hubby's check's yet. so gods help us if we get sick.

Our one big splurge (besides my dart night) is football sunday. We spent $$ on the NFl package so we can sit at home and spend minimal $$ to enjoy a quiet day together and feel like we aren't losing out on everything life has to offer.

So when someone who has enough money to own multiple cars and pay for insurance on all of them (and monthly payments ... he only owns 1 outright) tells us that he wanted to teach us a lesson about spending our money more responsibly and then says that the reason he's pissed is cuz us not paying him his money on time caused him to be stretched thin with the new couch and big screen TV he bought for his basement ... and we're sitting on a couch that we got as 3rd generation hand me down furniture that requires a plywood board underneath the cushions so I don't fall in and we're watching a 19 inch television in out living room eating ramen noodles for dinner cuz we can't afford anything else ... well I kinda feel like that's a giant slap in the face to us.

I don't say this to make anyone feel sorry for us. I know that I have friends and know people that are in a similar situation if not worse. I mean at least we have a place to live.


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