No motivation today

I have been sick since jan 1st. At first I thought it was cuz I was hungover, or because of the smoke inhaled when Kevin almost burned down the house* ... but then the hacking and sneezing and aches came in. And continued. Today is day 3 (or 4...if you count when i thought I was hungover) and I'm still uber miserable. At least today i was able to stay out of bed for most of the day and do some laundry before I crashed thanks to some super powered couch syrup brought over by my mom yesterday.

Which has led to some strange dreams. Seriously last night I think I had slept so much I couldn't dream anymore. All the things in my head were worked thru and all I got was blank when I fell asleep. Kinda creepy.

Except for the nap I just took today, which had bits and pieces of "House of Leaves" in it (cuz that's what I'm currently reading...and loving btw)

Kevin just walked in from another long day at work(s) so we're gonna go braindead together and watch "Wild Hogs" and hopefully tomorrow I'll be even better and be able to start working on my damn New Year's Resolutions (which fell right out of the window thanks to this stupid cold.)


*yes....kevin almost burrned down the house. He got the brilliant idea to try and cook soup in the middle of the night (for work the next day) and tried cooking it like if you were cooking roast or something. He set it up on the stove and went upstairs to sleep, setting the alarm for a couple hours later so he could check on it. I was down in the basement, having fallen asleep to some TV and unwilling to move upstairs just yet. instead of the alarm, he awoke to tons of smoke choking him upstairs in our bedroom. I heard him run down the stairs and then outside and that's when I smelled the burnt smell (not before this) i ran upstairs and the entire house was FILLED with smoke. You could barely see upstairs in our bedroom it was so thick. So I yelled at him and sent him down to the basement to sleep whilst I cleared the smoke from everywhere.

And yes, we have 1 smoke alarm, but it kept going off when we would cook anything in the kitchen (cuz our hood system doesn't work) so kevin took the batteries out shortly after we moved here. Which meant we were defenseless. So this weekend we're going shopping for at least a couple more to put in other places.


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